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For All the Extended Members of Bravo Co:

I would personally like to thank you all for everything that you've done for both myself and my Company.  You have all shown us that the people of our great nation have not forgotten us.  Your donations of books, movies, munchie-foodstuffs, personal hygene items, games, cards, and everything else that the guys have received in untold number of care packages have helped us all to weather this deployment with alittle bit more of a smile, and a feel of home.  You have touched almost everyone in the company from privates to our lietenants.

I am proud to tell you all that our deployment has been cut shorter than we had originally expected, and we should be back at our original station, Fort Bliss Texas, by the end of August.  This news came unexpectadly, and was greeted with cheers from our soldiers who have been working tirelessly here in northern Iraq.
Thank you all again for the prayers, cards, letters, and care packages.

Corporal McCoy, Tyler S.
Senior Medic Bravo Co. 1-37AR